WOCA Natural Oil Finish



Why Choose a Natural Oil Finish?


Until a few years ago most wood floors in America were finished with fairly high levels of gloss. Waxes and urethane top coating systems were used to protect the floor and to achieve these levels of gloss.  As wood floor customers have come to desire more of a natural look on their floors that complement the natural beauty of wood, gloss levels have been reduced to satin or even matte look. With the advent of older looking floors, such as scraped or antiqued floors, less gloss has become even more important in an attempt to achieve a natural, “old world” look.

An oil finished floor provides the most natural look of any wood floor finish. An oil finish also tends to make some floors look “old,” as if they had been installed for a very long time. Since an oil finish actually penetrates and becomes a part of the surface of a wood floor, it is not nearly as sensitive to scratches and wears as a urethane finish. As it not only penetrates but also hardens, a WOCA oil finish provides very good protection, is easy to maintain and, if done properly, will prevent a wood floor from ever having to be sanded.

Oil Application Procedure for Unfinished and Previously Oil finished Floors Click on any of the documents below for detailed instructions on that topic.

Floor Prep Instructions – Unfinished Floors

Floor Prep Instructions – Oiled Floors

Wood Lye Instructions

Base Coat instructions

Top Coat Instructions with Master Oil

Top Coat Instructions with Maintenance Paste

Maintenance Instruction – Oil Refresher

Maintenance Instruction – Soap

Instructions for Finishing of End-Grain Floors

Care & Maintenance Guide

Safety Sheets (MSDS)


Diamond Oil & Tinted Diamond Oil

WOCA diamond oil

Diamond oil ensures an extremely hard-wearing, dirt and water repellent surface. This oil is ideal for basic finishing of any unfinished, new and newly sanded interior woodwork. The content of the solvent is less than 5%. Diamond oil is now available in tinted colors for a one step finish. To learn more about Diamond oil, Click here.


For wood finishes where color is required, WOCA Master Color Oil contains fine pigments in different colors, ranging from Black to Extra White.

  • No staining is needed with Master Color Oil, as the color and finish is done in one single step, saving time on the job site.

All sample colors are applied on White Oak Flooring

Diamond Oils are now available in tinted colors.


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