Wide Plank Flooring

Castle Plank™ Superior Wide Plank Flooring


St Louis Art Museum

St Louis Art Museum

Castle Plank™ introduces Solid Wood Wide Plank Flooring of exceptional dimensions.

  • Wide Widths up to 13″
  • Lengths up to 16 feet
  • Custom Thickness, Widths & Lengths available

Massive dimensions are our specialty.

  • Select from a large variety of hardwood species; including Reclaimed Antique Heart Pine and Oak, Walnut, Ash, Hard Maple, Cherry, White Oak, Hickory & Red Oak.
  • Laser-Straight precision milled flooring for easy installation.
  • Our location is centered in the slow-growth Northern regions of high-quality White oak and Walnut forests. This timber produces tight- grain, consistent color and stability in our wide-plank flooring.
  • Prime & Rustic qualities.
  • Custom Textured Face Options
    • Hand Scraping
    • Wire Brushing
  • Custom Finish Options
    • Natural, White and Grey oils
    • Oil finishes are 100% VOC free
    • Six-layer UV urethane
    • Custom Stains
  • Herringbone and Chevron Patterns
  • Wide Solid Plank and Engineered flooring are available F.S.C. Certified (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • Floor molding available for all species of Solid and Engineered Flooring.