3 Wood Flooring Statistics You May Want to Know.

Wood flooring has skyrocketed in popularity. Many residents and businesses have ditched the carpet and replaced it with hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors are known to increase value in a home or building. Check out some of these interesting statistics regarding hardwood floors:


What is the Best Value Wood Flooring?

The best value wood flooring is oak. Oak is the best value because it is known to be widely-available, it is a long-lasting and durable material, which results in keeping the prices down (HomeAdvisor.com). Historic Timber and Plank has a variety of Oak products to choose from.


What is the Best Hardwood Floor for Dogs?

Calling all of you animal lovers! The best wood flooring for dogs are planks of distressed hickory. Hickory is a solid surface and it consists of a tight grain to minimize scratches on the surface (HomeAdvisor.com). Historic Timber and Plank will supply you with the best hickory products out there.


What Color of Hardwood is Best for Resale?

“The best hardwood for resale should have a light or a dark stain with a brown or gray tone, not yellow. Yellow tends to make the flooring look dated” (HomeAdvisor.com).


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