Historic Timber and Plank Product History.

Historic Timber and Plank Product History: 

Historic Timber and Planks takes pride in manufacturing products including:

  • Castle Plank – Wide Plank Flooring 
  • Classic Coffers Ceiling System 
  • Reclaimed Beams and Timbers

In keeping up with the American tradition, we focus on continuing the master craftsmanship started by our forefathers many years ago. Our goal is to provide genuine, reclaimed timbers that capture rustic elegance and that exceed all expectations.

Historic Timber and Plank ownership has been involved in precision hardwood manufacturing since 1982. As a second generation family-owned business, we guarantee that you will receive the best in customer service and high quality products.


Historic Timber and Plank: Manufacturing Unique and Complete Wood Interiors from new and reclaimed materials.